Easy Steps for How to Inject HGH

How to Inject HGH: Easy Steps

Making an injection is not complicated or difficult. Your daily HGH injections can be given in the morning or at night.

How to Inject HGH

The most critical aspect is to inject the needle in the subcutaneous tissue of the stomach, thigh, or upper arm. This tissue is characterized as the fat layer between your muscle and your skin.

Where to Inject HGH

Here are some injection tips:

Thigh: On your uncovered leg, find a spot midway between your thigh and your knee. Grasp about 2 inches of skin and inject your HGH as directed by your doctor.

Stomach: Gently pinch about 2 inches of flesh either below your waist or right above the hipbone. The key is not to inject too close to your belly button.

Arm: You may need assistance with this one. The person giving the injection should grasp an area between the shoulder and the elbow. The person giving the injection should gently pinch a section of flesh behind the arm.

It is important that you clean the area to be injected with alcohol and a sterile pad.

Here is a short step-by-step guide that covers the general points on how to prepare for an HGH injection:

  1. Let the vial, pen, or pen cartridge stay at room temperature for 30 minutes. The liquid must be clear and colorless. If it is cloudy then discard it.
  2. Do not shake, tap forcefully, freeze, heat, or leave the liquid in direct sunlight because the HGH will be inactivated and rendered ineffective.
  3. If your HGH product requires reconstitution then you can gently swirl the vial until it dissolves completely.
  4. Before reconstitution disinfect the stoppers of both vials, use a larger sterile needle to withdraw the diluent, and direct it at the walls of the HGH vial when mixing.

After you have prepared your injection, you must select an injection site. In order to avoid injecting the medication into the muscle or within the skin layers, it is important to follow the official instructions for administration.

Here is how to administer HGH injection properly and safely:

  1. If your HGH required reconstitution, then replace the needle with a smaller one, suitable for subcutaneous injections. Always use sterile needles before injection.
  2. Disinfect the injection site and pinch your skin with the fingertips of your non-dominant hand. Take into account that the amount of subcutaneous fat varies between individuals.
  3. Use your dominant hand to quickly stick the whole needle into the pinched fold of skin.
  4. Stick the needle at a 45° angle for syringes or at 90° if you are using an injector pen.
  5. Inject the medication and give it a few seconds before pulling the needle out. Afterward, put only light pressure on the injection spot and do not massage it.
  6. Discard the used needle and always use a new sterile needle for the next injection.